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Young Children Journal - March 2011 *All Sales are Final

Young Children Journal - March 2011 *All Sales are Final

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YC is NAEYC's award-winning, peer-reviewed journal focused on educating children from birth through third grade. *All sales are final. Returns will not be honored.

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Young children communicate their ideas, questions, and feelings in many ways. Teachers support children by offering them time, space, and materials to make up stories, move their bodies, and create works of art. Articles in the cluster "Supporting the Many Ways Children Communicate" cover communication skills in diverse young learners, helping the reluctant artist communicate, young girls discovering their voice, and designing and playing board games to foster communication and social skills. Additional articles examine children who have serious conflicts and mental computation strategies in early mathematics.

To subscribe, visit the Young Children subscription website or call 800-424-2460.

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